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Deploy Report that receives parameters on custom Wordpress page




I am trying to deploy a tabular report data page filtered by an external parameter on my wordpress webpage. I have downloaded the caspio plugin for wordpress, and I have had success embedding data pages in code blocks on "normal" wordpress pages built with the GUI web builder.  However, the webpage I am modifying in this case is a custom .php file that is edited under Appearance->Editor in an Avada theme (I'm not sure exactly how to explain this). My report appears on this page if I use an iframe, however, this method prevents me from receiving parameters. Does anyone have advice for embedding a data page for wordpress directly into a customized wordpress file? 

I have tried the following and nothing showed up on the page: 

<?php do_shortcode('[caspio method="embed" subdomain="true" url="URL" appkey="APPKEY"]'); ?>

I also tried the following, which appeared as text on my page

[caspio method="embed" subdomain="true" url="URL" appkey="APPKEY"]

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Turns out I misunderstood my problem. I could use an iframe. However, I needed to do a few extra steps:

1) Request the query string from the URL and define it as a variable: 

<?php $strCode	=	$_REQUEST['CPCNum'];?>

2) Add a query string to the "src" URL in the iframe deployment code and paste the variable defined above ($strCode) as the parameter value

<iframe width="500" height = "300" name="AppName" title="AppTitle" src="https://c4axadsf0.caspio.com/?AppKey=MyAppKey&ParameterName=<?php echo $strCode; ?>">Sorry, but your browser does not support frames.</iframe>



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