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How to export Recipe data WITH special characters


We have a Recipe Guide app in Caspio. I wanted to export all our recipes. It wasn't easy to find, but there is a "Download all records" button if you click on search, and then submit a search form.

However, the CSV that is downloaded has question marks where there should be special characters, such as the 1/2 glyph or curly quote marks.

Is there a way to get a UTF8 CSV of my data, with all special characters intact? Having the data riddled with question marks is useless.


Recipe name (should be Marron glacés): 

Candied Chestnuts (Marrons Glac?s)

Yield (should be 1½ to 2 quarts)

1? to 2 quarts stock

Description (should be aren’t)

Unfortunately, they aren?t easy to find.


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