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Select yes, means a date is recorded.

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Hi, would appreciate some help :)

We have customers that ship packages, we would like for the results page tabular, to when a customer clicks on ship (which is a yes/no field) that it marks the current date (NOT the time) so then we can see which package he selected to be consolidated. Afterwards we can make another database where he can click on the dates and see what he requested to be consolidated. In essence clicking YES would put a date in the table.


Thank you sooo very very much!

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What is the process? Is it adding new row to the table? Or you are updating the value of a row by checking the box? You can use the code below to get the date and assign it to a date field in a submission page



document.getElementById('caspioform').onsubmit = function (){
if (document.getElementById('InsertRecordYESNOFIELDNAME').checked){

document.getElementById('InsertRecordDATEFIELDNAME').value = '[@cbTimestamp*]';
} else {
document.getElementById('InsertRecordDATEFIELDNAME').value = '';

 Replace DATEFIELDNAME and YESNOFIELDNAME with the actual field name.


To use this code in an update/details page change InsertRecord to EditRecord


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