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Custom code that will regulate format of virtual field input as "mm/dd/yyyy" ?

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I'm looking for a way to format a virtual field as mm/dd/yyyy.

I'm passing the virtual field value to a date field in the subsequent datapage, and I need to enforce the date format. (I have a calendar pop-up option enabled for the virtual field, but I want to also enforce the format if they type in the date).

Caspio support confirmed this is not a standard feature and would require custom coding (for which they suggested I come here:)

Anybody know how this can be done? Thank you in advance:)

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You can use the code below in your submission page to cast input:

 document.getElementById('Submit').onmouseover = function (){
var mydate = document.getElementById('InsertRecordDate').value;
var date = new Date(mydate);
var day = date.getDate(); 
var month = date.getMonth()+1; 

document.getElementById('InsertRecordDate').value = (month.toString().length === 1 ? "0" + month : month) + '/' + (day.toString().length === 1 ? "0" + day : day)   + '/' +  date.getFullYear() 


Replace Date in "InsertRecordDate" with your Date Field Name. This code should go to the footer of the page in Source mode.

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Thanks for your response May :)

I've tried your script but I'm not seeing any change in behavior in my application...

If you have time to look at this more, here's some clarification:

I'm using two datapages -- 

  1. First datapage collects training class info.
    (example data: Ladder Safety, 08/19/2017)
  2. Second datapage allows user to select names from a list of employees and (by clicking "add" one by one) add them (with class info) into a training attendance records table.
    (example data: John Smith, Ladder Safety, 08/19/2017; Mark Jones, Ladder Safety, 08/19/2017; etc.)

In the first datapage, the fields are virtual, and then passed on to the next datapage (where they are hidden but preloaded for every employee name selected)

Ultimately I really want to be able to prevent the user from progressing to the second datapage if the date on the first datapage was entered in the incorrect format.

I tried using your script on both datapages with no success... (I put it in the footer [source mode], and tried using both "InsertRecordVirtual1" and "InsertRecordClass_Date" as the date field references).

Any other suggestions? Did I use your script correctly?

Thanks a lot for your time.

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