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Trying to get a filtered field sum from a table and store it as a variable (Virtual Field).

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I have an employee document submission form. This table has a field  called [@field:hours]. Would like to have a virtual field which tells how many cumulative hours for a specific [@employeeID]. Would like the field to auto populate once the submission form is accessed. In other words, as soon as I select the employee from the results page, would like the details page to calculate how many hours this employee has.  Thanks for your help.


After Re-Reading my explanation. I could have simplified by saying, utilizing JavaScript,  how do you sum a column and store the result in a field ?

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12 hours ago, Accountability said:

From the same table.  Thanks for responding.

I would use SQL query in calculated field on details page. E.g.:

sum(hours) from table_name where user_id=targer.[@field:userid]

Calculated field generates a value on the fly on every page load (therefore it's always up-to-date), but if you need to save it in table you may use solution from this post

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