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Lock record if condition exists



In my datapage, I'd like the user to be able to modify all fields if field "commissions_paid" is not filled by our admin team.  However, if the field is not blank, I would like to lock about 5 fields on that record from modification.  I know I can use rules, but I need the "commissions_paid" field to be a View Only field (the user can not have access to this field), thus limiting the ability to use the rules feature.

Any thoughts on how I can do this?  I'd be willing to accept the option of locking the entire record if the above condition exists.



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Hi Jeffs88keys,


I believe that Conditional Rules is the best option to resolve your case.

You have two criteria as I`ve understood based on which you would like to restrict editing of the record. They are User role and checkbox field "comission_paid" (just an assumption). You can create the following set of Rules on Details in order to achieve the desired behavior:

1. Rule to check the User status based on authentication parameter which will set "comission_paid" field to "Display only" form element;

2. Rule to check the "comission_paid" status which will set all editable fields to "Display only" form element;

Please note that for the second Rule you will need to create a separate Details page since you cannot use the same field in  Criteria and Action blocks. You can embed this Details datapage as an URL link in HTML block. You should pass parameters such as ID of the record and "commission_paid" field value as a query string. 

You can find more about this concept in the HowTo article.


Hope this helps.


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