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How to tally ye/no responses.


Hello All,

I have  a simple form asking users to check the "Yes" checkbox if they prefer a vegetarian meal option.  The field datatype is "Yes/No".   I have a report that i would like to count only those who checked "Yes".  I've created an aggregate field in the report called "Veg Count" and I have selected the field "veg" to do a count function on.  However, i'm unable to count only those who have checked the checkbox.   It gives me a tally of all entries "yes" and "no".

How can i count only those boxes that have been checked and has a value of "Yes".   I cannot figure out how to create such a report.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You will still need to use the total and aggregation, but instead of function, you need to choose formula and use a simple SQL statement. Please see sample screenshot below with the SQL code. Please change YesNo with your own field and test_table with your table name in where you want to COUNT.



yours truly,


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Thank you! Thank you! for such a quick response.   Initially,  i tried a select statement but instead of a value of "1",  i indicated a value of "yes".   I completely forgot that Yes/No fields have numerical  values of  "1" or "2".    Your solution worked like a charm.

Thanks again, you are a life saver.





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