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Force CASPIO CSS Styles



I want to use the CASPIO styles on my wordpress site. The wordpress site comes with a pre-installed theme and has extensive CSS styles that are applied. Is there a way to force the CASPIO styles to be applied to my website and ignore the wordpress theme CSS. It seems like this should be relatively straightforward and many users have reported similar problems but i've not found a workable solution other than changing the original CSS file in the wordpress site. I've been editing this for weeks and everytime I edit one thing something else on the site breaks. It would be much simpler if I could just apply the CSS code for the CASPIO part of the site to the CASPIO elements and the other parts of the site would still use the wordpress CSS. Iframes are not an option as I am passing parameters. 


I've tried reseting styles in both wordpress and CASPIO and applying the CSS to each page of the wordpress site and to the header of the data page in CASPIO using these and similar reset styles http://html5doctor.com/html-5-reset-stylesheet/. I've used the !important parameter as well and this has had no effect.


Please help!




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