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Facing a big problem on my first project



I'm facing a problem when creating my first app and I hope I don't go too deep asking for help in this.

I created a table named WrestlerData which contains every detail of a wrestler. Name, Age, Weight and move-set,  for the move-set there are multiple fields with multi drop-down lists where I have multiple values to choose from. By creating the data page the user fills in this data and creates a new entry on the database. Until here, everything is fine.

But afterwards I want to give this user the possibility to modify this data. I create a update single record data page and i configure it to my own liking. Until here is everything fine. But I would like to know if there is a way to change the values in those moveset dropdown list as the wrestler develops he will gain more moves to choose from and can update his entry on the database given the moves that he already knows. I created a new table containing for example PEDROBENMOVES and here I listed Standing (SML) field and Standing (MED) field and filled the data with the multiple values(moves) on each field. I would like to link those values in these table to the update datapage so as the user logs to update his database record he has acess to all the his known moves in order to update his entry. But I didn't manage a way to do it... :S

I would also like as the user picks up a certain move in a field to present that value as a field later on the form, is that possible?

Sorry for my English. With the best regards,
Pedro Benevides

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As I understand you have a List-String in the table. Based on the user level the options they can select from should vary .. if it is a regular dropdown or listbox we can filter based on authentication. You can try to add a text field to keep the move_set and then enable multi-selection using provided JS at



And then you can filter the using the security tab



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To make it clearer.

I have a wrestling show for an example. So the first step was to create a form where the wrestler can insert his name, information, bio, the moves that he is going to perfom from a simples list. This will store the wrestler data for the show.

What I want to create is a way so these wrestlers can update the list of moves they're going to perfom. But for each user the options vary based on the their wrestler known moves only I can set this data for them, so they can update their wrestler data for the show, but each user has a different list of known moves.

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This seem to be a many to many relationship since many movements could belong to many wrestlers. To do this, you need to use an intermediate or third table.

So you have, Wrestlers and Movements tables. Each of these should have their own key (GUID for wrestlers and Autonumber for Movements would be fine). The third table should be called something like "Wrestler_Movements" with basically 3 fields, ID, Wrestler_Rel_ID and Movement_Rel_ID. Please Note, in this third table, you will only store keys not values, this way you will have access to all fields from both tables in the same view if needed.

Then, you need to create the relationship, from Wrestlers to Wrestlers_Movements and from Movements to Wrestlers_Movements, at this point you have a many to many relationship created. You can use this article as a reference. When creating the relationships, I would advise you to check the "Display Value" box and select a meaningful field for you, you will see the importance later.

After doing that, open the Wrestler_Movements table and start linking Wrestlers to Movements. Then, you can use the Wrestler_Movements as a dropdown source using Security filters in your datapage.

I hope it helps.


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