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Trying to modifying the alignment for the following elements, such that they are aligned with the left border of the results table.

- "Show per Page"

- "Records n of n"

I found the CSS, but I'm still having some alignment issues:

- Show per Page is offset from left margin, even though text-align is "left" and padding is "0px 0px 0px 0px"

- Records n of n is offset from left margin (even more than Show per Page element), even though text-align is "left" and padding is "0px 0px 0px 0px"


- Is this an error, or is there anything further I can do to align these 2 elements wit the left border of the results table?

Thanks in advance...

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Thanks for responding to my question. I've already taken down the page, as it was not possible to page thru all records. But I need this issue resolved if I'm going to use Caspio on my web site. Pls see the attached screenshots of the preview page. 2 issues:

1. misc formatting of the RECORDS PER PAGE and CURRENT PAGE values (font-color)

2. inability to view the pagination controls in a mobile form factor 

CASPIO - 2018-03-17 - 03 - PAGING FORMAT - 01.pngCASPIO - 2018-03-17 - 03 - PAGING FORMAT - 02.png


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