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Bulk Edit Cascading Drop Down Remove Blanks

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Good Morning, 

I'm using a bulk edit on a tabular search and report. I've noticed that my Cascading drop-downs in the bulk edit  show blank entries when there in no data for the filed being edited in it's own table.

I have a view set-up to filter out blank entries in the table being used for value purposes;  however unless the field has data in its own table it still shows a blank. 

I found the following code for standard drop downs but haven't found any information for cascading drop downs used in the bulk edit. Hoping someone can assist with code updates. All my attempts have been unsuccessful. Thanks...Bre


<!-- Function removeBlanksInDropdown searches for blank entries and removes all occurrences. It is advisable to use this script with the "Show distinct display options" checkbox checked in the dropdown configuration in the Caspio Bridge DataPage Wizard --> 
function removeBlanksInDropdown()
   /* dropdown stores the value of the dropdown form element reference in the DataPage. */
   var dropdown = document.getElementsByName("Value1_1");

   for (var q = dropdown[0].length-1; q >= 0; q--)
      if (dropdown[0].options[q].value == "")

document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', removeBlanksInDropdown);



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