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Map Mashup Autozoom vs Autobound



I still don't see a real answer to this very pesky problem.  Google has autobound and autozoom.  The settings provided in this mashup for autozoom (Y/N) do both autobound and maximum zoom without any override.  What this means is that if I set a single pin on the map, I must use Autozoom.  The result is a maximum zoom level to the piece of dirt.  When I want to you a street view, this often create a blank map with no visible roads and a single pin.  I want to define the max zoom to about 10 or 11 and still be bound on that pin or at least centered on the pin.

When you change the setting of autozoom to "N", then a map appears centered on whatever place in the world, zoomed in the level I want, but you have to manually zoom way out until you see a pin and then manually zoom in on the pin.

When providing the lat and lng, why does the map not center on that?  Is there somewhere I need to specify that in settings since it can't figure out that a single point provided is what I want to show?

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