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Multiple criteria on same report



I have a table called "Sales" which has fields Salesperson, Date_of_Sale, and Sales_Amount

For any given Salesperson, I would like this report to show the sales for the current year-to-date AND the prior year-to-date.

I'm completely comfortable with creating it if it were only for this year, but how do I get the field in place to reflect the prior year-to-date as well as make a subtraction between the 2 fields?

At a loss, and I appreciate the help.



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16 hours ago, LunaLovegood said:

Thank you, however, I'm trying to run a report that basically has 2 forms of criteria.  This year to date AND last year to date.  I fully understand how to do one of them (your link), but not to produce the report with both sets of criteria.  Thanks


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