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SQL and HTML Injection


Maybe this is answered elsewhere but I couldn't find it.

Does Caspio sanitize user input for SQL and HTML injection before we use it as variables in our DataPages?  I had just assumed it did because that seems pretty basic, but I thought I'd ask if anyone knows.




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Hi Casey,


For SQL Injection:

Caspio's development team is following secure coding guidelines and best practices. They use parameterized SQL queries and escape all untrusted input data (for dynamic SQL), no matter this data was received from HTTPS request, their database or from somewhere else.

Also, they perform periodical security audits, and testing for stored SQL injections is a mandatory part of these audits.

If you have any suspicious attack vectors – please report them to the Caspio Support team so they can check it for potential SQL injections.


For HTML Injection:

Just make sure that unauthorized people are not allowed to edit your source files, and avoid importing from untrusted sources, then you are good.


Hope this helps.

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