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Display WebPage Name on the Report



Hi, I have two DataPages. One is a submission form and the other one is a Report DataPage for tracking the number of visit purposes.

I have a list of a webpage and its corresponding link that is saved in one of my tables and is being used as a lookup in my submission form.

For instance:

I have options:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram

So when they have chosen and click submit, they will be redirected to that specific page.

My problem is that, on my report, I would like to display  'Facebook', 'Twitter' or 'Instagram' rather than their actual URL.

Please advise. 

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Hello directrix,

You can display the name of the page by configuring the field on the results page.

On your Configure Results Page Fields, select the field that displays the URL.  On Field Options, select Render Value As: URL Link. Then, check the Enable Custom Display checkbox and insert the field that displays the name of the website. See the photo below:


I also have a sample deployed DataPage for this, you may check it here: https://c0acv700.caspio.com/dp/fc4860004f98db210f4846b08ea0

Hope this helps.




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You can create one additional table with the unique ID names of sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and with the actual links.
Then you may adjust the relationship between this table and your report table. Create the relationship between actual link field and field that contains the links in your report table.
Adjust the relationship to be displayed on datapages.

Here is the article regarding the Relationship between the tables: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/relationships/

Find the print screens to implement such a workflow:








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Thank you two,  @JolliBeng and @Andrii, for the suggestion. But I realized that may question is wrong. My true question is how can I saved the value of WebPage name in my page field in my table: 


Like what I have mentioned above, I am using a submission form to record the IP and the page that they used to go.

This is my DataPage Setup. I am using a lookup table for info requested.

That LookUp table is where Facebook and the likes and their corresponding URLs are stored.



And after they have selected the option, they will be redirected to what they have chosen.






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