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maintain user session across multiple pages




I'm just trying to figure out how Caspio authentication method works. 
So far, I've read the documentation, in particular:


Let's say that I have a multi page PHP website (on my own server), with a public sections and a protected one; users should authenticate using Caspio APIs.
Each user can be "normal" or "admin" type and, according to this, he can access different pages and will be presented with a different user interface.
So, I should manage user's data as session variables, and the best solution would be using a Rest API (https://howto.caspio.com/web-services-api/rest-api/authenticating-rest/), but I understand that it's not supported by my "Basic plan".

I could use the "Standalone login screen" but I should somehow "intercept" the datas and store them into a cookie, but it is an overcomplicate solution... so probably there's something I'm missing.
How can I achieve this?


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Hi @ministry,

You can achieve the desired functionality with standard functionality of Caspio.

You need to create a separate authentication for each user group: "Normal", "Admin" and use this authentication on Datapages which are relevant to each group. You may check this video for more insights:


Hope this helps.




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