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Copying from one table to another



I have two tables, Bid Table and Est Table.

The Bid Table holds every bid our company has. It includes a BidID number, Project Name, Contractor ID, Date created, etc

The Est Table is currently empty

I want it so every time I enter new data into the Bid Table, it automatically copies the same BidID, Project Name, Date created, etc, over to the Est Table.

I have a triggered action that runs actions on insert data event, INSERT into Est Table with all of the fields I wish to be copied over.

I have the BidID set as an integer for the Est Table.

As it is now, when I create new data in the Bid Table, a new entry is created in the Est Table, but none of the fields are filled out and the BidID is wrong (it just counts one up from the previous entry in Est Table, not the same BidID from the Bid Table).


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Thank you, @luna! I greatly appreciate it. I'm still learning with these triggers.

I have another question, if you could please help. Is there a way I can set up a trigger so that if I update a specific field in an entry I can have the entire entry copied into a new table?

Now I have it so the new entries into the old table are copied into the new table. Now, I want it so if I update the name of project in the old table, the entire entry is copied to the new table. But only for that field. I don't want it to copy if I update any other field besides Project_Name.

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Hi @kpcollier ,


May I know how are you going to insert a new record when Project_Name is updated?

I suggest that you add another field from your old table which handles the old Project_Name. This is to test if the inserted Project_Name is not equal to the old Project_Name, then a new record is inserted to the other table.

Please refer to the Triggered Action I created for your reference.



Hope this helps.




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