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Filter by a field for specific value, blank, or all




I'm using the standard 'Search' form in a tabular datapage to filter the records. I have one field (fieldA) that I use to filter by a specific value OR 'all records' using a drop down.

In the drop down I use 'Both' custom value and a table lookup. The custom in the drop down is '--view all--' and its value is blank so it doesn't filter by fieldA at all when that's chosen in the drop down. The table lookup for is specific values for 'fieldA' and when one is chosen the results only show records with that value for 'fieldA.' Pretty standard filtering so far. 

The thing is, I need the option to ALSO allow filtering for records where the value of 'fieldA' is specifically blank so only records with no value in 'fieldA' show up. You can do this by choosing the 'Comparison Type' in the drop down as 'Is Blank' but then you lose the 'Equal' option, which I need. I need the option to filter by BOTH 'is blank' OR 'equal' for 'fieldA.' Is this possible?  It seems like you could add another option in the Custom value part of the drop down choice (in addition to --view all--) but I don't know how to make it chose 'Is Blank' instead of a null view all records. 

If anyone has any idea that'd be great- thanks. 

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