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Is there a way to reference the URL of an image saved in a Caspio table?

In Caspio tables my images are stored as follows "/image.png". How do you I convert this into a usable URL and save into a table (not on a datapage)?

More specifically, I need the image URL for integration with Zapier.

Thanks in advance.


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It is possible, since Zapier does not pass actual file you can construct the file URL below. The only requirement is you need to create a datapage (not actively used, but to create/access the URLS). See constructor below. The downside is you would need the datapage to not be protected by authentications, so it is not a good method for sensitive files.


You can also create a formula field in your table to concatenate this. You will still need the datapage to allow URL to work.

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Thanks for the responses.

Carlson, It appears that we have (had) a similar issue with using an image uploaded via Caspio and Zapier. Were you able to resolve your issue?

The images for Zapier are published via a datapage, so privacy is not a concern. I am still not able to retrieve a valid url when using the text-based file name (i.e. '/image.png') vs the numerical one ('/440668'). Zapier returns "Not Found" error. Also, using a formula in my table to concatenate the url does not work when using the image file name as one of the formula fields. 

directrix, I am not sure that using FileStor CDN will work with Zapier without significant work-arounds.  

Thanks, Adam


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Hi all,

This is not part of the solution on this problem, but to benefit other Forum users that is dealing with Zapier file related case and came upon this post, they may want to go through this article: https://zapier.com/help/troubleshooting/#pulling-files-from-the-trigger 

As per Zapier support it is one of the limitations of their platform, the files or images requires two request in Caspio to get transferred physically but Zapier can only send one request per trigger. You can check this article for more information: https://zapier.com/help/working-files-and-images/



~ H

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