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Deleting Info in Fields After Update



Hey guys. Here is my deal...

Orders App. Employee creates an order, it gets a shipping date, it gets received, and then its completed. 

The step I am working on is in between Received and Completed. When we receive an order, we have a Stored_In dropdown that is populated with different areas of our shop where the received materials will be stored. Well, when we take those materials out of where it was stored and onto the job site, those materials won't be stored there anymore.

On this new DataPage, there is a new field called "Sent_To". When a received order is ready to be sent to the job site, a name is selected from the Sent_To dropdown.

Is it possible to have the data in Stored_In field be emptied/deleted upon the Sent_To field being populated?

I.e., if I have an order stored in Box A1, and my guys are ready for it at the job site, Ill update the record Sent_To saying the order was sent to the job. In the background, the datapage will update the Sent_To to whatever selected and delete the data in the Stored In.

The main reason for this is because we have a reporting tool that will show us all of the materials and orders that are stored in a specific place. So, if my project manager wants to see what all materials are stored in Box A1, he can search that specific area. However, if materials were sent to a job site and still had the Stored In field populated, those materials would show up in A1 when they really aren't there.



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I haven't tried this yet, but I think this might help you out. This can only be done using JavaScript.

From what I understand, this may be a complex scripting. Try to look for the "JavaScript onChange event" in your web browser.

Here's what I have found: 

Mozilla Developers Network: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Events/change

Stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2856513/how-can-i-trigger-an-onchange-event-manually


I am guessing that this can be a solution, however I haven't had any work flow that needs similar behavior from the past,

so I am not quite sure how to implement the JavaScript onChange with a dropdown field.


I hope this helps.

~ H 

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