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Custom URL-Not a question.




This is for everyone's appreciation.

If you want, you can actually request to have like a custom URL for your DataPages. The usual URL: DataPage is something like this: https://accountid.caspio.com/dp/8d196000f43161bfds2cd41eb8775.

You can request for a custom url like this: https://myapplication.caspio.com/dp/ 8d196000f43161bfds2cd41eb8775. Though I think you have to pay for it and also will depend on the availability of the URL. Still, it's kinda cool though.


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Hi Kronos - I read the article about custom domain and but I don't fully grasp the benefits so I can't judge if I need to do this and if so how quick. I've searched a little into custom domains, but this seems to explain more about setting them up and little about the rationale / context about the why of custom domains. What problem do they solve for? (and what are the consequences???) Is there a higher order search phrase I need to learn more about to understand custom domains better and their application?

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