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How to write SQL code that does not add a separator to the end of the concatenated list




I often use the following SQL code to create a calculated field which concatenates elements of a list with a character separating them (here is it a vertical bar "|"). For instance, here I am creating a list of all the common names for a given plantID (CPCNumber) in the table tblPlantCommonNames. Is there a way to create this code but remove the character from the end of the list?

SELECT CAST( CommonName AS nvarchar) + N' | ' FROM  tblPlantCommonName  WHERE CPCNum = [@field:CPCNumer] for xml path(N'')


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Hi - Just an addition to this, if you would like to display multiple values (comma and quotation marks separated), you can use this formula:

STUFF((SELECT ', ' +'"'+ (FIELDNAME) +'"' FROM TABLE_NAME FOR XML PATH ('')), 1, 1, '')

"test1.com", "test2.com", "test3.com", "test4.com"

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