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Display Result of Calculated Virtual Field as HTML Not Text



Good morning :0)

I have an Single Record Update DataPage that pulls in a list of information from another table using  a query in a virtual field calculated value formula. 

This is great as far as it goes, I get the data I'm expecting and with the HTML tags (unordered list) I need.

But I WANT (need ; have ; would really be best) to be able to display that resultant listing as HTML and I can't find a way to do that. 

How do I make Caspio bend to my will? {insertEvilLaughterHere}




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Hi - Could you use Details Report DataPage instead of single record update ( to enable editing of the fields select TEXT from FORM ELEMENT). Use "Calculated Field" and paste your formula there. Then add two HTML block, first HTML block is on top of your calculate field and the other is at the bottom.

Paste this  script on your first HTML block
<table style="display: none;">

Then this script on your second HTML block:


Actual Result


I hope this help.

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@SunakoChan ... thanks, that worked beautifully! (Except for having to essentially recreate the entire page / rules / etc. as a "details page" instead of a "single record update form" -- sure wish Caspio had more consistency with how things work across page types, or would (much more simply) allow us to set display type on calcuated and virtual fields anywhere they appear.)


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