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Highlight Date In Tabular Report - Not Entire Row

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Hi @kpcollier


Try this solution: 


1. Add a Calculated Field with a syntax similar to this one.


WHEN DATEDIFF(day, [@field:date], '[@cbTimestamp]') >= 21
THEN 'Expired'



2. Add an HTML Block with this Syntax

<span custom-data="[@calcfield:1]">[@field:date*]</span>


3.) Easily style this HTML Markup in your Styles (CSS Rules). I'd suggest, in the header:

You can post this everywhere you want:


[custom-data="Expired"] {
background-color: red;



Hope this helps.


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Hey @DefinitelyNot31337, just coming back to this. 

I've got the calc field going. I am however having trouble with the HTML block and the CSS Rule:

Is the [@field:date*] in the html block suppose to be the same as the [@field:date] in the calculate field? Also, if so, are you hiding the calculated field, or is the HTML block and the Calc Field suppose to show up, both saying expired?

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Hi @kpcollier,


To answer your questions,

1.) It is NOT necessary for the [@field:date*] in the HTML Block, and [@field:date] in the Calculated Field to be the same

2.) In my post, I am NOT yet hiding the Calculated Field, but we can easily do so by sandwiching the Calculated Field in <table style="display: none;"> tag


Our main objective is for our HTML Block to produce this markup:

<span custom-data="Expired">I can be anything!</span>


Once we achieve this, we can style the <span> tags with the attribute custom-data="Expired" via CSS

[custom-data="Expired"] {
  background-color: red;
  color: orange;
  padding: 4px;


See this codepen sample, we're just simulating this in Caspio:



Hope this makes sense.




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