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Use Task/Triggered Action or Something Else?



I am trying to create an app for horse show points tracking. The table Results has the fields Rider ID, Class ID, Class Type, and Points

Rider1 | Class02 | ClassTypeA | 4
Rider1 | Class03 | ClassTypeA | 5
Rider1 | Class04 | ClassTypeA | 5
Rider1 | Class05 | ClassTypeA | 5
Rider1 | Class11 | ClassTypeA | 5

Rider1 | Class12 | ClassTypeA | 5
Rider1 | Class06 | ClassTypeA | 3
Rider1 | Class08 | ClassTypeA | 1
Rider1 | Class09 | ClassTypeA | 3
Rider1 | Class13 | ClassTypeB | 5
Rider1 | Class14 | ClassTypeB | 4
Rider1 | Class15 | ClassTypeB | 2
Rider1 | Class16 | ClassTypeB | 1

When we do our year end calculations, I need to find out the sum of each Rider's top six (highest Points value) Results for each Class Type (ie for Class Type A the bolded values).

What would be ideal would be to have this eventually input into a new table with the following columns: Rider ID, Class Type A (sum of top 6), Class Type B, etc

Rider1 | 29 | 12 | Etc

I have been trying to use a Task to input the values I can use into a new table but I can't seem to get values that account for needing the top 6 for _each_ Rider and _each_ Class Type, unless I do one for each rider and class type combination, which would be waaaay too many tasks to do. (see image, nomination_id is Rider ID in my example).

Is there some other way I should be going about this that I am missing?

FireShot Capture 002 - Caspio - Tasks - saskhorsefed.caspio.com.png

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