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Keep the value in the fields after submitting form with validation errors



Hi All,  

We have a form that uses both external parameters [@cid] and also has a required field [@field:Bravo]. When the form loads it receives the external parameter and loads it into [@field:Alpha] successfully, but if the user doesn't fill out the required [@field:Bravo] before hitting the submit button, then the page refreshes and [@field:Alpha] loses the value.   

I've tried configuring both the "on load" and "on exit" of [@field:Alpha] to be the same External Parameter [@cid] thinking that after a user submits and the page refreshes due to the validation error, it would throw and catch back the [@cid]  but this doesn't work.  

Any suggestions?

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Hello @Elderberg,

I created a simple submission form on my end. I enabled the Onload parameter for one field and make the other field required. Upon loading, the field successfully received the parameter. After I hit the submit button without filling up the required field, the parameter still remains. I wasn't able to replicate the said issue on my end. 


For troubleshooting, you can:

1) Clear the cache of your browser or use other browser instead.

2) Check if the AJAX loading is disabled. 

3) Check of you have custom script in that DataPage.


Hope this helps! :)

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