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Filtering result based on Web Address or Domain name etc.?



Hi all,

I am currently developing a recruitment portal which will have vacancies advertised from around 10 different recruitment agents. I understand that using their login information, these agents will be able to post vacancies using Caspio portal.

However, these recruiters also would like to showcase/embed their mandates (vacancies) on their company website so that applicants can apply directly on their website as opposed to being directed from the community portal. 

As neither applicants nor recruitment agents (on the individual websites) will be required to log in, how can I filter the jobs posted by an individual recruiter?

Is it possible to filter the results based on Web IP address, Domain Name or Server IP address - any information that is acquired without a search query?

Many thanks


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Hi @skauntey,

For your individual recruiter, I think you can use Record Level Security in your DataPages to filter it by the individual recruiters. 
Reference: https://howto.caspio.com/getting-started/record-level-security-stamping-new-records/


For the Web IP address, Domain Name or Server IP Address, you can save the information to your table as System Parameters, set your Report Page as 'Filter data based on your pre-defined criteria' and filter the table with that specific field. 
Reference: https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/system-parameters/



I hope this helps.

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