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Possible to rename uploaded files after uploaded in bulk using a field



So I have a form where users login and upload files.   They had been asked to name their files using a specific format  like     Last_Name_filename.pdf

Looking at a lot of the files many have no Last_Name indication.  They are just filenames with no association to the person who uploaded it.

In a report I can show each persons collection of files but they show as individual as "downloads" that have to be clicked one at a time to get them, where I could then rename them.

I would like to be able to sort and easily identify in Files/FileStor which person the file was uploaded by and associated with.  In the Files folder they are just all lumped in there.

If I could after the fact append the files with the Last_Name field, that would be awesome.  Is it possible to programmatic append and rename uploaded files after already uploaded?



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Hi @roattw,

I do not think there is a way to add a prefix First_Last_Name to the uploaded file. 

I have found a similar request on Caspio IdeaBox: 164206, so you can vote for implementing such a feature in one of the upcoming releases.

If you allow your users to upload files with authenticated DP (Submission/Report) then you can capture user ID in a hidden field.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks for the reply, as alwyas,  thats what we ended up doing to prospectively  fix the issue.  Just have more than 1000 documents not obviously named.  Capsio was also allowing unsupported characters like the "|" character which was locking up FilStor as well.

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