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Set other fields to Null after one field is changed



Hi - I have 4 Virtual fields  in my submission form and ALL virtual fields have Dropdown form elements. When I select a value in one virtual field, I would like to set the other fields to have blank values. So my scenarios,

1. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual1, the values in cbParamVirtual2, cbParamVirtual3, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null.

2. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual2, the values in cbParamVirtual1, cbParamVirtual3, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null.

3. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual3, the values in cbParamVirtual1, cbParamVirtual2, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null.

4. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual4, the values in cbParamVirtual1, cbParamVirtual2, and cbParamVirtual3 would be blank or null.

I hope that this would be a simple JavaScript that you can provide. Thank you for the help.

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Hi @NeoInJS,


You may try pasting the code snippet provided in an HTML Block.

(Note: Disable the HTML Editor from the Advanced tab, and move the HTML Block to the very bottom).


Note that we can add/remove items in the fields arrayWe can add DataSource fields as well. Just duplicate field lines as needed and put cbParamVirtualn, or the name of your DataSource field.

  var fields = [
   * Do not modify code from beyond this point
  fields = fields.map( function(elem) {
    return document.querySelector('[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] [id*='+ elem + ']');


  function changer(ev) {
    fields.forEach(function(field) {
      if (ev.target.value != '' && ev.target != field)
        field.value = '';


  fields.forEach(function(fff) {
    fff.addEventListener('change', changer);



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