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Record the wordpress user to a table and retrieve it on another page

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Hi Gurus,
I have a business directory with several datapages deployed in Wordpress 5.23. I was wondering if I can get the wordpress user that is logged in and save it to a table.  When a user of my business directory want to add some articles to his company information, I want to match the user in wordpress with the user in caspio. I think I can do that with Javascript. Or not?  

after that, when I display the company information, I want to display also the wordpress posts related to that company, so I need to retrieve the wordpress user name and add to the shortcode of the plugin that shows the posts.

Thank you for any help.


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I think I can do this using rest API. But I have no programming and caspio api help is useless as they don't have a step by step for me to learn how to use the API. I was able to authenticate using a chrome rest client extension. but  then, what do I do? where do I put the code in wordpress? how do I call it? how do I code it? there are no examples for dummies there.


thank you for any help

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