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Freeze columns dropdown?

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Does anyone know if its possible to have a freeze columns dropdown in a report - tabular or pivot?

Would be great if the User could choose whether to freeze 1, 2 or 3 columns, or turn freeze off completely.

Alternatively, does anyone at least know whether it's possible to simply turn the column freeze on or off, using javascript or jQuery, when the report is displayed, via a dropdown I could add in there?  I'm really looking for the code that controls the freeze function.

What I've found so far is the following HTML:

<th class="cbResultSetLabel cbResultSetHeaderCell cbFreezeColumnsDivider_65699f5f6d3e23 cbFreezeBoxSizing_65699f5f6d3e23" scope="col" style="display: none; width: auto; visibility: hidden;"> 


But I'm just not sure if I'm able to have any control over this.

Any help much appreciated .

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Hi @Farnsbarnes,  To keep the table header row and interactive options such as Download, Sorting, Bulk Edit and Search Again always within view, you can enable the Sticky Header Row feature in the DataPage wizard. Additionally, one or more columns of the report may be fixed using the Freeze Columns feature. Here is the link for further explanation https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/fixed-rows-and-columns/

I hope this helps.

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Hi SunakoChan, thanks for you response.

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough.  I know that I can freeze columns in the datapage wizard.  But once set they are fixed.  What I want to be able to do is alter the freeze column settings when viewing the report itself, in real time.  I'm fine with doing the coding for a little drop down menu in jQuery or javascript to be placed next to the download button in the report.  But in this dropdown I'd like to be able to turn the column-freeze on and off, or even better, to set to 1, 2,3 columns, etc, again, in real time. 

Does anyone know the essential coding to be able to do this?


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