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Summary Lookup



 I got this dialog box in one of my Report DataPage.  


I have a dropdown in my search where I used a lookup table as a source. Right now, I just close this dialog box as I am not sure if I should confirm. Also, cannot remember when the pre-existing got generated.

I cannot find any documentation about this in Caspio's online help center. Anyone who encountered this also?

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Hi Watusi, I have a few summary lookup tables in one of my application that was generated upon my confirmation.  When creating a lookup dropdown based on a large table, Caspio recommends generating a Summary Lookup Table to improve performance. You can find this information in this blog post

Summary Lookups are optimized tables containing a static list of the field values automatically filtered for duplicates. 

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Summary Lookups are no longer tied to the data source and will not include values of future records. At any time you can refresh the values of Summary Lookups in Table's actions bar. Just open your Summary Lookup Table and click Update Summary to override it with a refreshed filtered list from a field of its data source.



1 minute ago, Watusi said:

I used the summary lookup for my dropdown but it seems that new values of new records from the data source are not added in my dropdown.

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