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Add New Record When Search Returns No Results

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I thought I previously saw a post like this, but I cannot find it. 

I have a form that does a lookup to a Client Table. The 'Customer Name' field on the form is Autocomplete with the Client Table as the source. This works great - however, I am trying to upgrade its functionality. 

If there is no result to return in the Autocomplete, is there a way I could create a new record in the Client Table from the information manually inputted into that form?

Say, I typed in 'kpcollier' into the form and it showed no results. I then manually completed the form that includes address, phone number, email, etc. Once I click submit, is it possible to have not only that form submit to it's table, but also create a new record in the Client_Table with the information gathered?


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Thanks @Vitalikssssss! I figured out how to do this with a trigger. However, I think I am going to try and take this a little bit farther.

I'm going to try and make this workflow using an auto-submit page. The main goal now is trying to get a prompt to pop up upon form submission, asking if the user wants to create a new Client Profile for the user inputted. That way the user has some say in if the new client should be added or not. 

The hard part, once again, is the query to see if the record already exists in the table. I'll update this post with my findings!

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