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I can't select autocomplete list items



Hello all. New to Caspio and forum.

I recently set up the Mobile Kit, and ran into this issue. As seen in the screenshot, I could see the autocomplete list but I couldn't select any of them. As soon as I touched it, it would disappear. 

Did anyone have similar issue and find a fix?




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Is this in iOS? And, what is your deployment method? I had a similar problem before with iOS not scrolling or clicking on dropdowns. I was deploying through iFrames, though.

html, body {height:100%; overflow:hidden}
body {overflow:auto; -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch}

I used this on the datapage to fix the scrolling/click issues I was having with iFrames.

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Hello Frank,

We implemented a Caspio Mobile Kit and set the field to autocomplete. However, we wasn't able to replicate the issue. We tested it using android phone and iPhone and both are working. Please refer to these screenshots:





May I know what browser did you use,  version of your iPhone and type of deployment that you used?



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First of all, many thanks for looking into my question.

kpcollier: Yes, it is in iOS with Safari. I used embed method. 

Telly: I used iOS 13.1.3 and Safari on iPhone XS Max. I used embed deployment. I embedded Caspio code into Mobile Kit (black icon bar)'s html page and follow the instruction from the link below to insert header and footer codes into my search data page.


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Many thanks, Telly. Really appreciate your help looking into this matter. Unfortunately, I already deleted the mobile kit set up and decided to go with a simple responsive setup for now since I have some users waiting to test it. 

I found out that it has something to do with framwork7's CSS. I accidentally moved the css folder and the autocomplete began to work again. 

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