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Collapsible Sections on Form: all start closed or top one open?



I was able to implement the collapsible sections using the Caspio How To.  However, the sections all start in the open state.  I would like them to open in the closed state, or better yest just the first one open.

Thed instructionsz say "By default, all of the sections we created will be hidden. You can change a section’s default visibility by setting the HTML table’s style attribute to “display:inline;” instead of “display:none;”."  But mine are not opening closed by default.

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This is what I use. The sections are closed when you open the page. 

Do this for each section. If you want the first one to be opened when you first open the page, just get rid of the style="display:none" on the opening HTML block.

HTML Block at beginning of section, enter this.

<input type="button" onClick="Displayer(1)"
value="Receiving Info"><br>

button styling

<table id="Section1" style="display:none;"><td>

HTML Block at the end of section, enter this.


With this little script in the footer

function Displayer(n)
var check = document.getElementById('Section'+n);
if(check.style.display == 'none')


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