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Not justifying certain rows or cells in DP



For a give DP form I usually have three fields next to each other on a line/row.  I always have trouble getting just those elements in that row to not go full justified.

I usually end up with this:



When I would prefer this:




Hard to find via Chromes F12 Inspect. a

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Hi! Just to update this post, you can use CSS code to adjust the gap between the checkboxes and labels. My current setup is that I have one section with six fields and separate them into two groups. I just aligned them by enabling the Continue next element on the same line option on the fields. 

Add this code to the header of your DataPage and just change the label name according to the label name you have on your DataPage. 

width: 17px !important;
width: 69px !important;

You can adjust the width based on your preference. 

Original layout:



After the CSS code is applied:


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