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How to add a button that submits the form and redirects me to another datapagae?



Hi, I want to add a button on my submission data page that when I clic it, it submits the actual form and redirects me to another data page. I don't want to use the actual caspio submit button because I will use that to redirect to data page#1, and I want this new HTML button to redirect me to  datapage #2.

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Hi @aquintanilla

Let me try to help you out.

Lets say, you have a site and a page www.example.com/home_page.html on it. This page has a DataPage (Submission Form) that you have deployed. From here, we have two options to solve your task:

1) While making settings to your DataPage, the very last step will be "Web Form Wizard - Destination and Messaging". You will see "Same Page" in "Destination Options" field. Please open it and select Go to a DataPage.  


Then, you will be able to select the DataPage you need to open.


2) Lets say now, that you second page on your site with the address www.example.com/Second_Page.html  . And you want to place your second DataPage here. In order to redirect to another HTML page - simply select "Go to a new Page" and put the address here.


After that - you will be redirected to another page that you will enter. By the way, you should enter it like "http://" or "https://".


Hope it helps,




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Hi @aquintanilla,

Here is possible way how you can achieve the desired functionality.

1. Add Virtual field to the form and set a default value URL to which user will be re-directed after submit.


2. Add the following snippet in Datapage Header.

Make sure you make changes in lines with comment ***Change 

<script type="text/javascript">

document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', creatBtn);

function creatBtn () {
// Hides the Virtual field
const link = document.querySelector("#cbParamVirtual1"); //***Change Virtual1 if needed
link.style.display = 'none';
//Create a button element
const Btn = document.createElement('input');
Btn.type = 'submit';
Btn.name = 'customBtn';
Btn.value = 'Custom Button'; //***Change the name of the button here
Btn.style.background = '#f51212d9'; //***Change color of the button here
Btn.addEventListener('click', function() { changeURL(link)});
//Add button next to the default Submit button


function changeURL(link){
//Changes URL link in Virtual field if the user clicks custom button
link.value = 'https://google.com'; //***Change URL here



3. Set an action to go to New page after record submit and use Virtual field as a parameter:


Hope this helps.




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