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Trigger - On INSERT LOOP through another table



Assume following Table schema:





My desired work flow

  1. Insert a date record into tbl_Inventory Count_Dates 
  2. On INSERT, tigger the following:
  3. Loop through tbl_Inventory_Items - a list of each item to be counted - and insert a copy of each item into tbl_Inventory_Count_Detail, along with default value of 0 for Count of each record.  This results in a record including new id, Count_Date(which triggered the event), Material_id, Material_Name, and Count (Set to 0).
  4. The purpose of this is to be able to filter tbl_Inventory_Count_Detail by Count_Date and use as a data source/view for a Tabular report datapage that allows user to enter a dated physical count for each item.

@CraigSZ - I think this is similar to the direction you suggested in earlier post.

Hoping I can do this all with a looping triggered action - Just not sure on Syntax.  Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thx...



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