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Dynamically Change Column CSS Styling in a Pivot Table



Is it possible to dynamically change the styling of a column or header of a column in a pivot table.  I looked at this article but I don't see an opportunity to insert HTML Blocks or Calculation Fields in Pivot Tables.


In this screenshot, I want to pass in an external parameter called "Visit_Number".  So if Visit_Number=4 then I want the column or at least the header of the column highlighted.  Is this possible?

CH Pivot Table.png

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You cannot do this through Standard Feature. You need JavaScript if you want it dynamic.



<script type="text/javascript">
document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) {

   if([@Virtual1] == 1){
document.querySelector("[class^='cbResultSetTableHeader'] th:nth-child(1)").style.backgroundColor = "red";

 if([@Virtual1] == 2){
document.querySelector("[class^='cbResultSetTableHeader'] th:nth-child(2)").style.backgroundColor = "yellow";


Virtual1 is my Parameter Name

You need to find the class of the tr first, so you can get the th child of that. You may use F12











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