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Use formula result for next formula



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Hello @DeKleineBoer,

As far as I understand, you are trying to make calculations on the table level using the Formula field.

If so, I am afraid, that it is not possible to use the result of some formula in another formula directly (selecting the field with formula when clicking the picker icon).

In such cases I usually duplicate the required formula in the next calculations.

For example:

1) You have the "Price_with_vat" Formula field with the following syntax [@field:Price]*1.2

2) You need to calculate the  price +10% from the "Price_with_vat" field. The formula should be ([@field:Price]*1.2)*1.1

Hope this helps.

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Just to add, if you have conditions for your calculations (ex. add 10% if price < 50 and add 40% if price > 50), you may use CASE WHEN Function to set up your conditions. 

You may refer to this HowTo Article for more details about function reference: https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/. The CASE WHEN is under MISCELLANEOUS FUNCTIONS AND EXPRESSIONS section

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