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Trigger to insert new record into three tables (one with multiple records) when new record is inserted into the Triggered table




I'm New to Caspio and hope there is a simple answer to this question.


I have a table (Files) and I'm trying to create a trigger that, when a new record is created in Files, will add a new empty record with the same Id (FileNum) in three other tables.  Two of those tables need just one new record each and the third table needs four new records.  All records are blank except for the AutoNumber Id field called FileNum.


Thank you!

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If the amount of times it must be copied to another table is fixed, then it is alright to just duplicate the insert block multiple times, however, if you want it to be dynamically based on the inserted record, you may want to consider using loop blocks. If you can provide me a screen shot of the tables from initial entry and their expected results, perhaps we can draft a sample trigger. 

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