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Workaround for routine importing when you have "List - String" datatype columns



I'm building a robust search interface via Caspio for data that I need to routinely import from Excel into Caspio. The app features a single table, and we won't be updating this data within Caspio.

I need to routinely re-import the data (weekly), so the problem involves having to convert the TEXT(255) columns into "List - String" datatype columns. I know that when I want to import a fresh set of data into Caspio, I can switch the List-String columns back to TEXT(255); do my import; then convert those columns back to List-String so that I have the functionality I need.

Unfortunately, I'm finding that my datapage gets messed up in that I lose all of the fields that are getting converted back and forth, so I have to re-edit my datapage extensively to re-add those columns and reconfigure those columns within the datapage.

Has anyone found a workaround for these issues?

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I just had a thought for my own question... In case others run into this, my thought is to export my app (without any data) before doing a data import; then switch my column datatypes as needed; do my data import; switch the column datatypes back; then import the app back into Caspio so that my datapage is back to normal.



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List Strings tend to be tricky. What I do actually is to create a separate lookup table in an excel file just to import the choices on the List String. From the table designs just below the List-String, you can actually check and see that there is an option to import values to become a list string. 


Also, instead of converting the DataType which is a hassle, why don't you set it to text permanently and just set the form elements to Dropdown instead: 


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