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Pass parameters to a Bootstrap modal window



Hi everyone

I made some experiment but didn't fine a way to show a Bootstrap modal windows with some parameters from the calling page passed.

No problem in showing the modal window (except for the responsivness but I'll address later)



But any parameter passed to the URL in the HTML Block of the calling page is not received.

Is there a best practice on this?

On the other end is there a way to use Session parameter or a more Javascript method ?






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Just saw this in passing; there's a neat little Bootstrap trick that might be able to do this for you.  Under this section:


Note how the 'data-bs-whatever' becomes the ID (or [@field:ID] for example].  If you replace that with the data source ID in your datapage, then use the javascript they recommend there to carry the "recipient" over to the modal, you can potentially carry that single parameter over.  How to pass others might require an extension of the script they provided.  Let me know if this makes sense.   

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