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DataPage Link: Not Showing Required Unique Field Input Before Allowing Access to Form Data Fields




I created a DataPage that is a record update type.  The DataPage requires input of a value from a unique field, that is identified as unique in the underlying data table.  In preview mode on my desktop computer, the form works fine.  I enter the unique value, and it goes to the next step of allowing a variety of fields to be updated.  If some data is already in those fields, it shows what the current value is.

My problem is when I use the deployed link.  If I put the link into either chrome or firefox I get the incorrect result.   The response "Not Records Found" is what I see with Firefox or Chrome.  The other image ("Shop Update Form") is what I should see so that I can enter the unique value.    I am most appreciative if anyone can point in the right direction for solving this issue!

By the way, I have two other DataPages deployed and have used the link successfully in chrome.  It is just this one that is not working.


Firefox_No Records Found.PNG


DataPage Needs Parameter.PNG

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Hello @GloriaB,

The most important feature of an Update Form is to allow users to update a single record based on an identifying field. This may be done in one of two ways:

  1.  A record id that is passed to the form as a parameter;
  2.  User identity field in the associated Authentication or Connection (Record Level Security).

As I understand, you are using the first option to receive unique 'Order_Number'. The pop-up window "Shop Update Form" is only shown in the Preview mode of Caspio Bridge to test the DataPage.  You will not see it on the deployed page.  That is why you are getting the response "No Records Found", because no value is received upon page load.

With that said, you should pass the unique 'Order_Number' as parameter from one DataPage where you submit the record.  And then receive it on the Update Form.

You may check more about Update Forms and Passing Parameters in the How-To articles.

Also, the Single Record update form is most sufficient for updating just one field. If you want to allow a variety of fields to be updated, you may consider using Details DataPage with editable fields.

Feel free to update this thread if you have questions.



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