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jquery on 'click' confirm not working

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i have a flow of registration forms with an 'exit' url on each page, which allows the users to exit before the full registration is complete. before following the click URL, i want an 'are you sure' confirmation message to be displayed to the user. if 'yes' then the click URL would be loaded; if 'no' then nothing would happen.

i have the following html/jquery code in the footer of forms that are part of the registration process:

<a class="exits" href="https://c1dcs255.caspio.com/dp/0db19000a392125dc37d41b6a8ab">exit</a>

<script type="text/javascript">
    $('.exits').on('click', function () {
        return confirm('Are you sure? Your order will not be registered.');

straightforward as this seems, i can't get it work. i never get a confirmation popup.


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Hello @aaronfreed,

I am afraid that I cannot help with jquery code.

As for me, I usually add EventListeners to the Footer section like this:

<script >

document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', onClickHandler);

function onClickHandler() {
    const exitLink = document.querySelector('.exits');
    exitLink.addEventListener('click', confirmMessage);

function confirmMessage(event) {
    const conf = confirm('Are you sure? Your order will not be registered.');
    if (conf == true) {
        window.location = "https://c1dcs255.caspio.com/dp/0db19000a392125dc37d41b6a8ab";


You may check if this solution works as expected. 

Maybe someone will help with the jquery version. 

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