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How to receive ID from "On exit, pass ID and formula fields as parameters" checkbox



I have a submission form datapage with the checkbox "On exit, pass ID and formula fields as parameters" checked.

On exit, the datapage redirects to a separate datapage with a report with edit capabilities.

Each datapage is based on separate tables so simply put, I want to stamp the primary key from the first table as a foreign key in the 2nd table.

My problem is, how do I receive the ID (primary key) in the 2nd datapage. 

I am pretty sure this should be configured as an external parameter but how do I format the value so that it inserts the ID from the first table? I can't select the ID anywhere in the datapages.





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Hello @hctrr,

What you currently have in the configuration is already correct. You just need to add 'InsertRecord' prefix in your Parameter Name since you are receiving an ID. It should be [@InsertRecordTransaction_Id]. For more details, you may refer to this article: https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/passing-parameters/


Hope this helps!

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