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IF/THEN in Report




I understand that this may be an html box on my report.

I need to accomplish the following, and I'm not sure if can be done.  

If [field1] is blank or if [field2] (a file upload field) is empty, then return a statement "DISCLAIMERS OUT OF COMPLIANCE" (and maybe in red???)

(otherwise)  if [field1] is blank or [field2] (a file upload field) is empty, then return a statement "DISCLAIMERS IN COMPLIANCE" (and maybe in blue???)

Thanks !!!


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30 minutes ago, ParkLoey said:

Hi there @jeffs88keys! Not sure if you'll use this for your Tabular or Details page, but maybe using Rules might help. You can learn more about them here: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/conditional-forms/

Hope this helps!


Thanks, but Rules don't apply for what I'm looking for.  Thanks.


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Hello @jeffs88keys,

It looks like the solution depends on the exact DataPage type. Could you let me know if this is a Tabular Report DataPage or Details DataPage?

Do you need to display the statement in each record  if this is a Tabular Report DataPage like this? 


If so, please double-check the condition, since I am afraid it your question it is "when  [field1] is blank or if [field2] is blank" for both cases.

Also, specify the the data type for [field1], for [field2] it is File data type as I understand. 

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Hi @CoopperBackpack,

Sorry for the delay..... my notification didn't go off.

So I have this on a Details Report, and is based on a 2 table view.  Table 1 lists the "trips", and Table 2 lists the components of the trip.  The Details report shows the details of the Table 2 trip, but I am looking for the query above to be based on the Table 1 "trips".    So if [trips:field 1]  (text field) is blank OR if [trips:field 2] (file upload) is empty, then it creates the statement above in Red.  Otherwise, a different statement is made (see OP above).

I've attached a sample of what the display would look like. 462671999_disclaimerdemo.thumb.png.c02d544c8479d62e9fb47af51bc22e58.png


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@CoopperBackpack  I think we may be off.  This is not a details datapage...this is a tabular report.   I completely used the wrong terminology and I'm so sorry.  

Seeing the screenshot below, the elements that you see beginning with Vacation_Entry are the details shown in the example above.  The two elements beginning with Trips_V2 are the 2 fields that are being tested to create either of the 2 return phrases that I'm looking for.  I hope that clarifies easier. 

I'm sorry if I wasted your time with the previous snafu in terminology.  


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