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Import Excel File With Multiple Sheets



On the Caspio HowTo article on Importing Data, they mention you can import an entire worksheet excel file. However, I am running in to a problem with importing an excel file that has multiple sheets. The first sheet goes through the import process just fine with all datatypes and columns matching up perfectly. However, the next sheets in the excel file do not bring the formatted datatypes. So, I am getting an 'Incompatible Data' warning because it shows that all of the data being imported is set to Text(255). I am sure I have these values formatted correctly in the Excel sheets, but they do not copy over. 

Anyone else have this issue?


First Image is of the first sheet that is importing fine.


Second image is of Sheet 2 of the Excel file, where I am running into the problem. All datatypes show Text(255) instead of the datatype the are in Excel. The same happens with the 3rd sheet.


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