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PayPal and required fields




Trying out the PayPal Payment Gateway for the first time here,,,
We need to capture the email adress of the buyer, to be able to  send a digital ticket with access to a live streaming event.

* When adding a required email field to the submit form, the PayPal button ignores this validation and goes on with the paymet process.

Testlink: https://munin.caspio.com/dp/5a019000bb8fbe4cd96c4e64926f?Content_ID=CON2765D99R

How can I make sure the buyers leaves their email in such cases?


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Hi @jozzy79! Maybe you can try a multi-step form instead? The first form would be the general information such as name email etc, then the second page  would have the payment details. That way, you make sure you get the email no matter what.


Not sure if this will be applicable with your workflow, but I hope it gives you an idea.


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