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User input when value not passed in



I have a search report and would like to have the option to either pass in a search value, or if none is submitted, let the user enter the search value. Is this possible? 

It seems like I would need to duplicate datapages if that functionality is not available. I would like to see the same datapage, sometimes coming from another datapage and passing in a value, other times not coming from elsewhere and the user enters the search value. Do I need two datapages to accomplish this?


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This is definitely possible. You should be able to set up the search field to receive a parameter and still be able to use it if no parameter is present. 

Go to the Advanced tab on the search field that should receive the parameter. Check the 'On load' box, set Value to 'External Parameters', and type in the parameter name. Now, while coming from another page and passing a parameter, the field should be filled and you just need to click search. Or, if you're not coming from elsewhere, you can still use it as a dropdown or whatever you'd have it set as. 

If you want it to automatically search when a parameter is received, you can follow the workflow in this forum post:


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